3 Types Of Air Compressors You Need To Know

Air compressors are used in different activities – whether domestic or industrial. They are equipment that is present in our daily lives, in dental offices, in workshops, in building paintings, among several other activities. Thus, we can say that they are essential for these activities to happen. Some air compressors are more common, and we’ll introduce you to them.

Therefore, we have prepared this content to address air compressors’ types and features. Did you know there are piston air compressors, screw compressors, and vane compressors, among others? To better understand what we are talking about, keep following the text!

What Are The Uses Of The Air Compressor?

We always talk about this, but it’s important to remember. As there are several types of air compressors from Fluid-Aire Dynamics for example, they are helpful in different activities. The most common places are dental clinics, automotive Industries, mechanical workshops, and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to domestic use, simpler activities, such as inflating a bladder, residential painting, inflating a tire, etc.

As the compressor is a piece of equipment that converts mechanical energy into pneumatic energy with In-Line Filtration for Compressed Air, it is a highly demanded. Below, we’ll talk a little about each type of compressor and what they are for. Follow!

What Are The Types Of Air Compressors?

There are several types of air compressors, and each one operates differently, as it already has its predetermined function. See some examples:

Piston Compressor

The piston compressor is an old model but very efficient. In this way, the compressor generates compressed air to drive engines in various industrial processes. Its operation takes place from the displacement of the piston inside the cylinder. Its action is simple since only one side of the piston carries out the compression.

screw compressor

The screw compressor has smaller dimensions and a continuous air flow and lower compression temperature. They work by turning two screws in the opposite direction, which ensures that one screw moves the other. Therefore, the suction openings are on opposite sides; that is, when the air enters, it is trapped between the walls of the drum. Compression occurs as the equipment pushes into the air, leaving less room for movement.

Vane Compressor

The vane compressor serves to compress air and gas. Thus, one of the characteristics of this model is its slower speed, low vibration, and silent operation. With a simple design, the equipment is used in mining, smelting, OEM, and transit. Therefore, to work better, the equipment is based on oil.

Each compressor has its purpose. Some are used for more than one activity; however, it is essential to pay attention to the particularities. Therefore, before purchasing a compressor, understand your need. From there, the search for the purchase is more targeted, which makes it easier to find the model that meets your needs.

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