A Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver

Investment in gold is your insurance policy, a stable, global currency that offers you solid insurance in times of uncertainty. Gold and Silver have high liquidity when compared to other forms of investment. Being valued so highly, gold and silver is very easy to convert into cash value wherever you are on the globe. You will always receive the right value for your gold or silver. Investing your money into Gold and Silver as a commodity is so simple yet extremely profitable so it’s always worth considering this form of investment for your own personal security.

Financial Security

There is a large element of safety when investing in Gold and Silver. When times of economic insecurity are on the rise you can ensure your investment provides you an insurance policy. Following the global pandemic, countries are investing in assets such as Gold and Silver as a security blanket if economic downturn presents itself once again. It is worth doing your research into reputable bullion brokers such as Sharps Pixley, to ensure you’re receiving the right information to help you make an informed choice of where to start and exactly how much you’d like to invest.

Universal Currency

Gold and Silver are a universal currency. Across the world they are used and even agreed as the basis of money. Gold and Silver ensures fixed exchanges between countries which is highly beneficial in terms of trading and investment making the metal assets highly sought after. Investment demand for gold has grown on average a solid 18% per annum world-wide, according to the World Gold Council.

How to Buy Gold?

If you’re looking to purchase physical Gold bullion you can do so by researching reputable bullion brokers. They are licenced to buy and sell Gold and Silver and will be able to provide you with the best information for you to make the right informed decision. Ensure you approach a broker with experience, solid information, reputability, and those who listen to your investment targets and approach them in a realistic manner.

How Do I Store Gold and Silver?

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in the metal commodity, your very first consideration needs to be storage.

  • Bank storage
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Home Storage

There are pros and cons to all storage solutions so ensure you choose wisely and find the best way for you and your investment. Be sure to make the storage element of your investment decision your number one priority. Do your research and even speak to your bullion broker for more information. Owning gold really is one thing, but storing it is another. If you lose your precious metals, they’re gone. This is possibly the main concern centred around investing in gold and silver, it’s not like having a certificate to prove your investment in stocks or property, where you pay administration fees to cover your assets, therefore may find storing your gold bullion in a safe deposit box or bank storage more appealing.

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