Andrew Barnett Tips To Maximize The Merger’s Potential Of A Business

Andrew Barnett is a native Floridian who has got a remarkable entrepreneurial background in several industries. He has worked as an Apple RMA Engineer to create and implement tamper-proof stickers at Apple for the prevention of illegitimate opening of warranty units. He is the originator and president of the computer firm.

After resigning from Apple, he formed a full-fledged Macintosh and a PC in a single unit. After some time, he assisted in the development of software for the restoration of data on SCSI devices named CPR Tools. For more information, visit their Twitter page.

Key steps for a Successful Post-Merger Integration

Follow the below steps to perform successful integration after the merger and acquisition process.

Begin Integration When The Contract Is Announced

It is advised to start the integration planning process before the announcement of the contract. Recognize and describe pre-close needs and considerations. Address the following to ensure effective integration. These include:

  • Financial Operations
  • Retention of Corporate Documents
  • Management Structure
  • Intellectual Property
  • Creation of Data Room
  • Technology
  • Sales And Operational Processes
  • Material Contracts
  • Insurance Coverage Management Structure
  • Anti-Trust Hurdles
  • Property Plant Identification
  • Equipment Identification
  • The lawsuit, Tax or Environmental Matters
  • Retention of Employees, and Customers

Make A Clear Vision

Customize a meticulously planned vision statement. It outlines how the deal improves the fundamental structure and objectives of the company. Forming a clear vision also shows where the possibility of profit growth and risk lies in the business.

Make Advance Decisions

Form key decisions before time. It will help enable major functions to start quickly. Choose self-inspired members for your integration team. An organization should choose highly skilled and inspired employees from companies to form an integration team.

As the team has to put a lot of effort, and works in an extremely stressful environment, there are possibilities of fatigue and loss of talent. It is beneficial to do planning when choosing the employees for the team.

Plan the structure of integration

Divide integration activities into different functional categories that include Manufacturing, Sales, Legal, Facilities Management, Service, HR, Information Technology, and Finance. Specialists who perform in the functional locations have to be assigned the work to perform integration tasks within the expertise.


Post-Merger acquisition plays an important role in the operation of the business. All the above tips will help the integration process to execute smoothly and at a fast pace.

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