Visa Commercial Pay: Virtual Cards, Digitized B2B Payments

On November 23, 2020, Visa Inc. and Conferma Pay entered into partnership and are offering Commercial Pay for enterprises. If you want to learn more about this new payment option and know why can be the best helping hand, read below. & Visa Commercial Pay 

The accelerated adoption of digital payment options has made Virtual commercial cards more necessary than before. Visa Commercial Pay offers 3 new B2B payment options to financial institutions and their corporate customers. These include:

  • Visa Commercial Pay Mobile App

This is a Visa-branded app developed by Conferma Pay. It hosts Visa commercial cards that employees and contractors can use on their mobile devices.

  • Visa Commercial Pay Travel

Companies can use Commercial Pay Travel to manage business travel expenses. To do this, companies should integrate it with business travel reservation processes and reconciliation.

  • Visa Commercial Pay B2B

By using Visa Commercial Pay B2B, buyers and payers can enjoy increased flexibility for transactions across program management platforms or 3rd-party procurement platforms.

Visa Commercial Pay is designed to make money movement between buyers and suppliers simpler. It offers enhanced data, automates the process of payment processing and reconciles expenses.

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Digitized Payments: Visa

Visa Business Solutions’ global head Kevin Phalen says that businesses are turning to Visa and their clients to get solutions to their problems caused by COVID-19.

Conferma Pay’s CEO Simon Barker notes that in today’s economic atmosphere, the controls for payment decentralization must be set properly. Now, stay-at-home orders have made the ability to monitor, reconcile and approve expenses more difficult.

To wrap things up, Visa Inc. and Conferma Pay have recently signed partnership. The payments giant and the top provider of virtual payments technology are launching B2B payment solutions. These new payment options aim at improving cash flow for businesses and keeping you away from manual processes that are out of date.

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