CarGuard Trevor Smith Pushing Vehicle Service Contracts in a New, Bold Direction

The vehicle service contract world is being shaken up by CarGuard Trevor Smith, the CEO of one of the most popular and reputable service contract operations in the business.

Not content with the previous industry standard of offering halfway decent coverage at halfway decent prices, Smith has made it his mission to make sure that vehicle owners are as well protected as possible from emergency repairs and expenses with service contracts that won’t break their bank account.

Below we dig a little bit deeper into the ins and outs of how this CEO is making sure that the drivers of Texas are able to rest a little easier knowing that their cars are protected from bumper-to-bumper when they sign up for CarGuard.

Complete and Comprehensive Coverage

One of the first things that CarGuard Trevor Smith did was make sure that multiple vehicle service contract options were available at a number of different price points, guaranteeing that complete and comprehensive coverage was well within reach of every driver in Texas.

From simple prepaid maintenance plans to payment protection options, powertrain coverage, and Gold and Platinum level protection plans, CarGuard takes a laser-targeted approach to make sure that their customers are taken care of.

These “one-size-fits-all” solutions are designed to provide that extra layer of umbrella coverage that traditional warranties wouldn’t have provided.

Total Transparency

CarGuard Trevor Smith has made waves for implementing policies of total transparency at the company, too.

Industry insiders have been reporting open lines of communication, more transparent marketing and advertising pieces, and absolutely no “wiggle words” filling up service contracts, either.

Instead, CarGuard really levels with prospective customers to let them know exactly what they are going to get for their money – and why those investments in car care protection plans are so smart.

Open Lines of Communication

The best coverage and protection in all of Texas isn’t going to be worth much if it’s impossible to get a hold of the folks at CarGuard to initiate a claim and take advantage of the protection these vehicle service contracts are supposed to provide.

CarGuard Trevor Smith has made it a mission to create open lines of communication at every level, not only with the customer service department but with the middle and upper management of this company as well as the claims department (and everyone else involved in fulfilling the promises made by these vehicle service contracts).

The end result is a much smoother experience for customers and employees at CarGuard alike!

Best Bang for the Buck Value

At the end of the day, a big part of why this company has been able to become as successful as it is today throughout the great state of Texas is because of its tremendous value for car owners.

So much more than an “extended warranty,” but instead legitimate service protection that keeps your vehicle on the road without draining your bank account, there’s a lot more value in the service contracts than drivers will find elsewhere.

CarGuard Trevor Smith deserves a lot of praise for leading this company boldly and confidently into the future!

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