Do I Need to Move My Tree? 

Many people invest time and money into perfecting their landscape, but the truth is landscapes change and grow over time. Your vision for the landscape of your property could change. At some point, you will want to make a few modifications to the landscape like relocating a few trees.

If you are going to transplant a tree, is the person you should call. They specialize in moving trees and even provide you with large trees to help you craft the perfect landscape.

Why Relocate a Tree? 

Relocating matured trees is within the realm of possibility, but it may not be as easy as planting a new tree. There are many reasons to transplant a tree such as home renovations that require plants to be relocated. You may have a preferred spot where you would like to place the tree, or the tree may have outgrown their current environment.

Evaluating the Transplanting Project

Moving a tree is a very difficult process. The tree’s roots must be pruned in preparation for transplanting. Then you would have to dig a new hole and dig up the plant that has to be moved in addition to refilling both holes and providing post-transplant care. Do not transplant the plant if you cannot commit to regularly providing water to the plant at least for the first year.

To successfully relocate the tree, you must keep as much of the plant’s roots system as you can. The tree should be about 10-12 inches of root ball diameter per inch of the trunk diameter. The length of the root ball will also expand. Therefore, it is important to carefully remove the plant so you can take as much of the lateral roots as you can. These roots are close to the soil line and have a root ball 12-24 inches in length will have lateral roots.

Root balls with soil and the plant fastened together will weigh at least 100 pounds per square foot. You will need to purchase machinery or asks your friends and family to help you relocated the tree. Keep in mind the bigger the tree the greater the likelihood you will have to reach out to a professional tree transplantation company to get the job done.

Remember fall, late winter, and early spring are the ideal times of year to relocate trees. Move the tree before new bud’s bloom in the spring or after the leaves have fallen in autumn.

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