Employment Background Check 101: A Guide For Businesses!

Organizations often spend a considerable amount of money to hire right people for the right role. When applications are received, it is essential to check and verify that a person is what they claim to be. That’s what an employment background check is all about. It refers to following the due process, to find information and verify it with the documents submitted by the applicant. In this post, we are talking about the basic details related to such kind of screening.

The time required

How long does a background check take for a job? It depends. Sometimes, companies choose to go in-depth with their research about an applicant. This may mean they must find details related to their previous work history, criminal records, credit checks, and even details related to their work overseas. A basic background check, where only the social security number and basic details are verified, doesn’t take more than a few minutes, while detailed checks can take as long as five days. In some counties in the US, the work is still done on paper, so employers may have to approach respective offices to get information, or may hire agencies for the job, which can add a few weeks to the entire process. If the applicant has spent a considerable amount of time overseas, the country where they have worked must be contacted, and this also can delay thebackground check.

Is background check legal?

Yes, employee background check is legal, and your company can continue with the same as long as you get written consent on the forms, which is mandatory by federal law. Keep in mind that certain information, such as civil suits that are dated below 7 years, cannot be checked, but there are also exceptions to that. There are professional services that can offer assistance and tools for background checks for applicants, and you can rely on them to stay compliant and find the information that you need.

Final word

There is nothing like having an employee you cannot trust, or has sufficed information that is not correct. This may lead to serious compromises at the workplace, and the damage could be detrimental to your brand’s value and existence. Ensure that a complete background check is done on every applicant that is being considered, no matter how small their role may seem in the organization. Check online to find details related to services that help with employee background checks.

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