How To Remove Snow Quickly?

The winter season has now arrived. The cold and the snow invite themselves in front of your home. Do not panic; anticipation and precautionary measures are essential. Quickly get back to decorating your hot Christmas tree in red and black by following ninja de-icer tips for cleaning up quickly in front of your home. Salt or no salt? That is the question

Our first instinct is often to get out the de-icing salts. Indeed, they can be used in prevention. Spreading the salt beforehand prevents the snow from sticking to the ground and ice from forming. This is the most economical and efficient way to handle salting. If the weather changes suddenly and the snow accumulates over the weekend, you will have to clear the snow to facilitate access to your accommodation. This task will allow you not to waste your salt unnecessarily. Finally, when only a thin layer of snow is left on the ground, you can start throwing salt—our advice: plan depending on the weather.

Know that it takes about a handful of salt per square meter. The calculation is quickly made: 1 kg of salt corresponds to about thirty square meters. A spreader is strongly recommended for salting large areas, as it significantly reduces physical effort and application time. You should also know that by storing your salt away from humidity, it will have an almost infinite lifespan. However, that would not be the best solution. Many advocates greener alternatives for snow removal, as the salt used for this purpose, can harm wildlife.

In reality, it must be borne in mind that de-icing salt from Duluth Rock Salt Supplier for example is a natural product. If used correctly, it has very little impact on the environment. The two elements are, first of all, the storage, which must be well sealed. In addition, the amount of salt used during operations must be reasonable. Namely: 10 to 30 g/m². It is indeed the quantity of salt which allows it to be sufficiently diluted during the melting of the snow to pass to undetectable doses in the rivers. The salt will then return to where it came from, the sea, without polluting its way.

With this machine, which costs more than elbow grease, you’ll clear the snow in less time than it takes to make a snowman. Its operation is also effortless. It collects the snow accumulated on the ground and throws it further. So convinced?

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