Learn About Getting Liquor License In Pinellas County

No matter whether you own a restaurant that’s ready for expansion, or want to start a business that will serve alcohol in Pinellas County, you have to apply for an alcoholic beverage license. The whole process of application, submitting the right documents, and waiting for approval is an extensive one, and we recommend that you check for help from professional services. In this post, we are discussing more on Pinellas County licenses.

Filling the application form

The application for liquor license in Pinellas County requires a few documents that must be submitted together. This includes zoning approval, location sketch, management contracts (if applicable), Right of Occupancy, personal information, and revenue approval. Health approval is also needed in case you intend to serve alcohol on premise. Putting your application together is often the hardest part, because any mistake in the documentation process can actually impact your chances of getting the license. Incomplete or incorrect information can lead to unwanted delays, which is the last thing you would expect for your business.

Knowing Florida alcoholic beverage licenses

Depending on your business model and future plans, you can choose between varied types of Florida alcoholic beverage licenses. The most basic one is for on-premise consumption of beer, which is called 1COP and an annual fee of $280 must be paid for the same. If you want your establishment to sell all kinds of alcoholic beverages, you can go for the 4COP, which is the most comprehensive and expensive one, with annual fee of $1,820.

Hiring professional assistance

If you are having trouble understanding the licensing requirements of Pinellas County, or want to know more on what kind of license you should apply for, there are professional companies that can help. They can help you find all the necessary details, complete the application form and get the paperwork ready, so that you don’t have to deal with the consequences of having an incomplete form. These companies, obviously, charge a fee to help with the process, but considering the amount of money and time you would save, that amount is worth spending. The right service can also guide you on the rules and norms in Pinellas County, and you can ask questions based on your future business goals, to take the right decision.

To apply for a liquor license in Pinellas County, make sure that you are aware of every step involved, and where needed, get professionals to simplify the process for you!

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