Learning About Pneumatic Conveying Systems

In many industries, bulk materials are handled through a specific system, and pneumatic conveying system is one of them. There are, in fact, different types conveying systems, each one with a few pros and cons, and used specifically for certain industries. Among others, pneumatic conveying systems are considered to be advanced and practical for moving small granules, and even pellets, in industries like building, tech, and allied sectors. In this post, we are discussing further about pneumatic conveying systems.

The basics

How does a pneumatic conveying system work? This kind of conveying system relies on a pipeline to transfer bulk materials. The system includes a point, from where the material is introduced, and an end for receiving (obviously!), besides piping and a device for air flow movement. There are all kinds of pneumatic conveying systems, so the models can vary largely. There are several known benefits of this kind of system. This is a flexible system, and pipelines are used for transferring and moving materials in bulk, there is no need to move the existing equipment, but the pneumatic conveying system can get set up as needed. It is among the cost-effective ways to shift and move materials from one point to another, especially when compared to some of the other systems.

Other things to know

Another major benefit of pneumatic conveying system is the way it can be designed for long distances, and also, it is possible to reduce the emission of dust, especially when it comes to smaller particles and granules. This is not to downplay the use of mechanical conveyor setups, which are still in use and relevant, but maintenance of pneumatic conveying systems and cost of operations is much lesser. For those who do not know, pneumatic conveying system rely on air streams, which could refer to either vacuum or pressure, to transport materials. This can be further classified in air conveying, dense phase, and dilute phase.

Final word

The use of pneumatic conveying systems is expanding, as technology and setups get better. You can check online to find more details related to these systems, and don’t forget to check all the relevant details, such as the cost of operations, before taking the call. For many industries, pneumatic conveying systems are not a choice anymore, thanks to enhanced efficiency. You can look for companies that specialize in air solutions, and they can customize these systems for your specific transport and production needs.

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