SAP AMS: Skills Needed To Become For It

Consultants are required in different fields like career counselling, psychiatric treatments, physical diseases, government services, etc., to find a solution to an existing problem in any of the fields mentioned above. In addition, SAP consultants are required to configure and manage SAP services and to configure ERP products. There can be times when your co-workers may need your help to understand practical knowledge of using an SAP ERP system. In such cases, an SAP consultant can teach your co-workers about ERP systems. To become a consultant in any of the domains, the major skill required is communication to convince and teach others. Before you understand the skills required to become a consultant working in sap ams, let us understand the importance of SAP consulting roles.

Importance Of SAP Consulting

A few of the skills required to become a qualified SAP consultant is your communication skills, teaching style, a strong knowledge of the SAP system, experience related to working in this field for years, etc. Different types of consulting roles of SAP consulting are

  • SAP functional consulting
  • SAP basic consulting
  • SAP technical consulting

The reasons for applying for SAP consulting are

  • Around 140,000 SAP modules have been used globally since 2010. Due to this, there needs a requirement for SAP consultants to make people who are naïve in this field aware of its tools.
  • The products and software of SAP have been constantly upgraded to meet changing market demands. Thus, SAP consultants are also in demand.
  • The pay offered to SAP consultants is also high in a range that makes people prefer SAP consultancy as one of their career fields.

Skills To Become A Consultant In SAP AMS

A few of the skills required to become a consultant in SAP AMS are

  • Creation of ticket in the project management tool- Though in some of the systems, the process of ticket creation is automated, in other scenarios, the consultants need to develop tickets using the project management tool and create a ticket number for that.
  • Effort estimation- A consultant in SAP AMS also needs to be capable of calculating effort estimation. A mistake in calculating effort estimation can affect the cost of the assignment that has been given.
  • Acknowledgement- Besides ticket generation and effort estimation, a consultant should also be aware of acknowledging its customers within two hours of the mail received for an issue.
  • Calling the customers- In case of any confusion, feel free to contact your customers to avoid misunderstandings as a consultant.


Thus, an SAP AMS consultant needs to have a few of the skills mentioned above.

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