Tips That Can Help You Select the Best Mover in Toronto

Planning a shifting process is long, it has different aspects and points that must be considered to have a peaceful experience. The most important would be selecting a moving company that is affordable too. The whole shifting experience is mostly based on the quality of the packers and movers that you’ve hired. There are several good moving companies in Toronto to choose from but some important tips may help you select the best out of them.

A Thorough Search

So the hunt begins with a thorough search. You can use the internet, search for the best ones in your area (in this case Toronto) and start short listing them. Besides searching for a mover on the internet, check the reviews available online to get an idea about the services. You can also ask for some recommendations from your friends, co-workers, family members, and from someone who recently moved into your neighborhood.

Ask for the Estimates

After finalizing three to four movers, ask if they can give an estimate without even looking at your stuff or you can call them home and ask for one. The estimation is based on the number of items, their weight, distance to be covered, and other factors. Clarify each and everything mentioned in the brochure or document given by them that includes the order of service and the bill of lading.

Avoid paying a large deposit

All of the good moving companies in Toronto, Canada will never ask for a large sum of money to be deposited in advance. Paying a mover for the services in advance makes you lose control over the delivery of the items. It is advised that you must pay the mover after the delivery. Also, always pay using a credit card to be safe from any fraudulent activity.

Availability of a Contract and Insurance

All of the registered and certified movers in Toronto provide a contract that is signed by both parties. The contract provided by them includes the total cost, taxes, and terms and conditions. There’s a chance of a mishappening and one of your valuables may get damaged during the shifting process. So it is advised that the mover you’re about to hire offers insurance that covers all of the goods. Keeping in check these two things will give you peace of mind.

Ask for the cost for extra services

There are chances that you live on the 10th floor of an apartment, or in a narrow street where the delivery truck can’t enter. If the movers have to do any extra hard work they’ll charge extra for it. Besides moving the items, an extra cost may be charged if they had to carry the items in a small delivery truck. Make sure you ask for these extra costs paid for extra hard work.

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