Enjoy the Self Pouring Beer Service Over Traditional Taprooms

There is no doubt that technological existence has become a part of human’s routine life and certainly is used in almost all kinds of ways. Whether it is to make the transactions or to communicate with other parties sitting on the other corner of the world. Technology is growing and changing the lives of humans. There have been so many things that are now noticed like to pump the own gas and even book the insurance without the involvement of a third party at all. In that case, there have been big names like McDonald’s and Starbucks who also have started using technology to a great extent. That is why the concept of beer tap service over quite some time now has grown in many restaurants.

The concept of beer tap service that is trending:

The beer tap service is eventually a self-service that helps the whole process of getting the beer in the glass a lot simpler. This was once a 7-step process that could take at least 5 minutes but now this is possible to be done in not more than 20 seconds at all. Gone are those days when the traditional taprooms were quite valuable. Because now the awkward moment to wait and get the beverage poured in the glass is over because of such advanced technology that is being used.

How the traditional taprooms worked:

To be precise, such rooms literally took 15 minutes every time for the beer to be ready for serving. But when it comes to the customer, it was more like an hour for them. Probably to go to a restaurant and get the right beer then wasn’t much appreciated since it was a time taking process. That is usually those 15 minutes where the guest would

  • Wait for their turn so the bartender could serve further
  • Place the order
  • Once the order is placed, the server would further take it in the POS
  • The bartender would then make a print of the drink that needs to be made
  • Once the drink is ready; the bartender shall pick it and then serve it to the guest.

This certainly was quite frustrating as after a tiring day at work, a customer would not want to further wait to get the further drink being served. But thankfully, this problem has come to an end as now there are self-pour taprooms that are being introduced in different restaurants. It offers not just the convenience but also simplicity that a customer can experience at the bar.

The concept of self-pour taprooms

Talking about the beer tap service, well there is a self-pour taproom in which the customer would take the drink on its own in easy steps. The focus of such restaurants is to give their respective customers a vibe of cozy and relaxing environments.

The working of self-service beer tap solution:

It is possible for the customers to simply pour the beer on their own as they want and pay for it using the wristband or card that has RFID technology that would run the table.

In order to avoid any kind of over-consumption, the system would restrict the guests only to 2 drinks at one time.

In case it is wine, then a person is allowed to take not more than 7 ounces but for the beer, it can go up to 16 oz.

Once the patrons indicate that the legal limit is reached, then their RFID. When the patrons reach the point of the legal limit and they need to get their RFID card or wristband reauthorized, the staff can give their RFID card access to 2 more drinks.


The concept of beer tap service is certainly the most innovative option that has come up over the past few years. It reduces the dependability on the staff while the product waste also won’t happen in the future. It is the best solution for reaching economic efficiencies. Overall, it is the best option to boost up beverage sales as customers often have the tendency to drink more. Such self-technology solutions can contribute to making the economy a lot better, especially best for those who have restaurants or bars.

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