All You Want To Know About Forestry Equipment

There are several types of tools needed to perform a forestry operation. The right set of tools will help to cut and process trees effectively. In this article, we will tell you about the basic types of logging equipment for optimum performance.


Delimbers are important tools in a forestry operation. There are three methods to delimb a tree: pull-through, flail, and gate. All three operations are affordable, landing-based, and appropriate for conditions where the wood quality isn’t an issue.

  • Gates are made of steel. They are soldered into a grid design. They are used along with a chipper or as a portion of a system that heaps the delimbed stems onto a truck.
  • Pull-through delimbers have horizontally-mounted processors. They can be trailer-mounted or standalone. In comparison to gate delimbing, they offer a cleaner stem and don’t need additional processing before loading into the truck.
  • Flail delimbers are rotating drums equipped with chains. They can be loader triggered, or self-feeding.

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Stump Grinders

Stump grinders are another important device that helps eliminate tree stumps. It works with the help of a rotating cutting disk. This device comes in various sizes. They come with a cutter wheel along with immovable carbide teeth. It can be small like a lawnmower or large as a truck.


Mulchers are another important device used for performing logging and forestry operations. It helps serve home landscaping operations. They are fitted with a vacillating hammer and an immobile tooth rotor system. Tree size mulchers have an average circumference of 16 inches in diameter.

Feller Bunchers

This is a self-propelled machine that has one cutting head. They are driven by tracks or wheels. It can grip over a single stem at one go. The cutting head can work as a holding, floor placement, and cutting device. This device lacks any processing abilities. It works slowly but provides greater stability to the user.


This device uses a collection of cables to fly or pull logs to a landing. It comprises a drum, engine, spar, etc. They are dependent on an immovable boom but come in various configurations, and ranges.


Logging or forestry devices come in a vast range. They have varying configurations and types. It is important to learn about your requirements to find the right one for your use.

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